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Automated Machine Learning Platform (AMP)

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Kogentix AMP: The foundation for practical AI fueled by big data

To achieve AI business results, customers must be able to innovate, automate, and operate business applications.


Innovation requires market leadership and velocity.  AMP offers the capability to rapidly integrate data, discover trends, and iterate on models to drive the best business outcome.  Kogentix connects to a broad variety of data sources.  Richer and more diverse data yields the potential for patterns and correlations that would otherwise remain hidden. 

  • Kogentix connects to a broad variety of data sources.  Richer and more diverse data yields the potential for patterns and correlations that would otherwise remain hidden.
  • With the power of a distributed platform and a broad variety of distributed algorithms packaged with AMP, customers can test multiple models simultaneously to quickly determine the most accurate and predictive workflow.
  • Insights from AMP can be easily integrated with business systems and AMP includes a rules engine that can generate triggers based on a set of domain specific conditions, making it even easier to create a business impact.


As the demand for AI solutions increases, enterprises look to expand their data science capacity, both by enabling data scientists to be more productive, and enabling business users to leverage machine learning.  Kogentix AMP creates additional capacity through automation.

  • AMP delivers automated capability throughout the application life cycle.  Users can immediately see key data statistics and correlations as soon as the data loads.  AMP pre-populates the key parameters and can even automatically recalibrate a model once it’s in production.
  • Data wrangling, a time consuming and tedious but necessary task, is make much simpler using AMP.  With a simple drag and drop interface, users can join datasets, filter data, deal with missing values that could skew results, and identify key data elements that are more important.
  • Once a workflow has been created, AMP automates the production deployment with a single click.


Over time, machine learning models lose accuracy as input data changes.  AI applications need to have enterprise security, governance, and reliability, but they also need to adapt.  Kogentix AMP eliminates the tradeoff between production robustness and adaptability.

  • AMP runs natively on Cloudera, taking advantage of fine grain security and access control, governance, and resiliency. All of the data leveraged by AMP remains in Cloudera, avoiding challenges with data consistency.
  • AMP expected outcomes are constantly compared to the actual outcome.  If the predictive model begins to stray from real world behavior, users can be notified to recalibrate or replace the models.
  • AMP is built for versatility of deployment – on premises, in the cloud, or hybrid.  Customers keep control of their data and their insights.

Key highlights

Modernize Architecture

About Kogentix
Kogentix is a leading AI software and services firm offering practical artificial intelligence solutions fueled by big data.   Leveraging the Kogentix Automated Machine Learning Platform (AMP) and an expert services team, Kogentix delivers rapid business results while at the same time helping customers build a lasting capability to innovate and differentiate.

Kogentix AMP is the most complete machine learning solution available, including all elements required in the AI application life cycle:

  • Ingestion
  • Data discovery
  • Wrangling
  • Feature Scorecard
  • Rules Engine
  • Modelling
  • Experimentation
  • Deployment Monitoring
  • Model performance tracking
  • Automation
  • Security
  • Governance

Kogentix AMP delivers the broadest range of machine learning algorithms built for distributed processing, including clustering, classification, regressions, time series, and in an upcoming release graph, deep learning, and NLP

Ingestion, data discovery, data wrangling, feature engineering, and model development and deployment – all with no coding or scripting in an intuitive, easy to use drag and drop interface.

Open, portable, and transparent:  Kogentix AMP generates native Spark jobs that are completely transparent to the user.  There are no black boxes, and customers aren’t required to transmit or share their data or insights.  Because AMP runs on Cloudera, customers are not forced to use a specific cloud platform and can deploy where and how they choose.

Supported by world class professional services:  Kogentix not only offers a compelling software platform, but we can help customers build and deploy their initial applications with our world class services team.   Customers get a rapid business result for a specific use case while building up their own capability to innovate and differentiate independently over time.


AMP Datasheet

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